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Address: 340 Storke Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93117
Phone: 805-685-4455 - Fax: 805-685-4465 - E-mail:

ACC has a long history in Santa Barbara. The original ACC (Associated Computer Consultants) started when UCSB decided that the university was not in the computer hardware manufacturing business, and Roland Bryan moved the small group of people that were building ARPAnet attachment boxes for IBM-360 out to a couple of rooms on the opposite side of the airport. Later, they built ARPAnet attachments for PDP-11 and other machines.

The government-contract-funded equipment business peaked in 1987, and then started contracting with the Reagan Defense cuts. In 1990, the company divided into a government business ("ACC Systems") and a commercial router business ("Advanced Computer Communications"). The "Systems" side went out of business in 1997; the router side was still in business in Goleta when it was acquired by LM Ericsson in the fall of 1998.

Alumni here:

Derek Rosen to drosen at
Art Berggreen1975 to 1998(now at Retired) art at
Roland Bryan1975 to 1997(now at MachineTalker) rfb at
Don Shook1976 to 1996dcs at
Dale Taylor1977 to 1982(now at Self-Employed) dale at
Dave Oster1977 to 1982(now at Connected Systems) doster at
Charles Carvalho1978 to 1994(now at Cisco (Santa Barbara)) carvalho at
Larry Green1978 to 1981(now at Santa Barbara Technology Group) larry at
Robert Crane1979 to 1988(now at Korry Electronics Co (Seattle)) rkcrane at
Derek Moran1979 to 1990(now at Occam Networks) derek.moran4 at
Ron Stoughton1979 to 1980
Steve Marasciullo1979 to 1987(now at Integrated Microsystems) steve at
Carol Boyce1980 to 1989
Debra Rodgers1980 to 1996(now at Cottage Health Systems (Cottage Hospital)) debra at
David Telleen-Lawton1980 to 1987(now at Self-Employed) DTL at
Greg Lockwood1980 to 1990(now at Q.A.D. Inc)
Hampton Miller1980 to 1983(now at Self-Employed) Hampton.G at Miller.Org
Lars Poulsen1980 to 1990(now at AFAR Communications, Inc) lars at
Trudy Miller1980 to 1987(now at Znyx) trudy.miller at
Caren Paulson1981 to 1992rpaul2 at
James Fanning1981 to 1990(now at Indigo Systems) jfanning at
Clare Nelson-Russ1982 to 1986(now at Self-Employed) nclare at
John O'Brien1982 to 1998(now at Ericsson Remote Access Group)
Mike Stein1982 to 1998(now at International Sports Sciences Association) mstein at
Bill Mason1983 to 1995(now at Sarvega (Chicago, IL))
David Cline1983 to 1995(now at Motion Engineering) davidc at
Jim Snell1983 to 1989(now at Occam Networks)
Kathy Gress1983 to 1998
Roger Russ1983 to 1989
Fred Baker1984 to 1994(now at Cisco (Santa Barbara)) fbaker at
Ken Bryan1984 to 1991
Pam Kazer1984 to 1991pamk at
Randy Graves1984 to 1986(now at SonaTech)
Chris Kleveland1985 to 1994(now at MachineTalker) ctk at
Jim Hall1985 to 1987jhall40 at
Jon Blake1985 to 1992(now at Self-Employed) jblake at
Larry Green1985 to 1988(now at Santa Barbara Technology Group) larry at
Laura Pierce1985 to 1997lapierce at
Randy Duncan1985 to 1994(now at Self-Employed) randuncan at
Stephanie Marasciullo1985 to 1993(now at Occam Networks) smarasciullo at
Victoria McMillen1985 to 1987(now at Spectron) vlm at
Chris Markle1986 to 1990(now at Sendmail Inc) cmarkle at
Jeff Berkowitz1986 to 1987(now at Serveron (Hillsboro, OR)) pdxjjb at
Bill Matthey1986 to 1996(now at Retired) bmat at
Alan Stebbens1987 to 1987
Chris Vandenberg1987 to 1993(now at Microsoft Corporation)
Lionel Geretz1987 to 1995(now at Self-Employed) lionel at
Milt Roselinsky1987 to 1989
Paul Traina1987 to 1989(now at Retired)
Stan Froyd1987 to 1998(now at Retired) Stan.Froyd at
Robert Biskner1988 to 1989(now at Cisco (Santa Barbara)) rbiskner at
Barry Lunt1989 to 1998(now at Santa Barbara Infrared) blunt at
Cleo O'Brien1989 to 1990(now at Silicon Graphics, Inc)
Ellen Durham1990 to 1991(now at Sun Microsystems (Los Angeles)) ellen.durham at
Frank Soos1990 to 1996(now at Occam Networks) fsoos at
John King1990 to 1995john.king at
Elie Azar1991 to 1993eazman at
Morgan MacDonald1991 to 1998(now at Condor Engineering) Morgan.Rebecca at
Tim Martin1991 to 1998tim.martin at
Robin Butterfield1992 to 1997(now at Digital Instruments / Veeco) ?rbutterfield at
Ruth Stevenson1992 to 1998(now at Agility Communications) rstevenson at
Bert Whyte1993 to 1998(now at Network Equipment Technologies (Redwood City))
Bruce Lueckenhoff1993 to 1997(now at Cisco (San Jose)) bruce_lueckenhoff at
Kathy Rayburn1993 to 1996(now at Znyx) krayburn at
Koral Ilgun1993 to 1998(now at Occam Networks) koral at
Ming Ng1993 to 1998(now at Cisco (San Jose))
Michael Mills1993 to 1998MKMills123 at
Paul Harding-Jones1993 to 1998(now at Vocality) paul at
Srinivas Chilikapudi1993 to 1998(now at ActivCard (San Jose/Australia)) srini_cc at
Vibeke Staal-Wieland1993 to 1998(now at Occam Networks) vweiland at
Milt Roselinsky1994 to 1996
Peter Curtin1994 to 1998(now at Raytheon E-Systems (Santa Barbara)) Canook_2000 at
Randy Roberts1994 to 1998(now at D2 Technologies) randyr at ?
Robert Evans1995 to 1998(now at Self-Employed) bevansiam at
Bob Buckley1995 to 2001(now at Motia Inc (Pasadena)) robert-buckley at
Kehao Chen1995 to 1996(now at Nortel Networks) kehao at
Mike Sale1995 to 1998
Mike Koponick1995 to 1998
Naomi Eskenazi1995 to 1997(now at Condor Engineering) naomie at
Stephanie Marasciullo1995 to 1996(now at Occam Networks) smarasciullo at
Trent Brown1995 to 1998(now at Occam Networks) tbrown at
Greg Garza1996 to 1998
Henri Altarac1996 to 2000(now at Occam Networks) haltarac at
John Maetta1996 to 1998
Jon Blake1996 to 1998(now at Self-Employed) jblake at
Lauren Moore1996 to 1998(now at Indigo Systems) lmoore at
Mike Zdan1996 to 1998mike_zdan at
Roger Hine1996 to 1998
Scott Savidge1996 to 1998
Shen Loh1996 to 1998slushomatic at
Stacy Shepherd1996 to 2000(now at Cisco (Santa Barbara)) sshep at
Venkatrao Rapaka1996 to 1998(now at ActivCard (San Jose/Australia)) vrapaka_2000 at
Barbara Berggreen1997 to 1998barbara at
Deborah Cass1997 to 1998(now at Motion Engineering) deborahc at
Alan DeMars1997 to 1998(now at Spectron) agd_acc at
Frank Krul1997 to 1998(now at Morgan Stanley (in Canada)) frank.krul at
George Wayne1997 to 1998
Kim Anderson1997 to 1998(now at Ericsson Remote Access Group)
Lee Anne Ayers1997 to 1998
Marianne McCarthy1997 to 1998
Russ Sharer1997 to 1998(now at Occam Networks) rsharer at
Rob Laskin1997 to 1998
Tom Hoffman1997 to 1998
Don Shook1998 to 1998dcs at
Pat O'Hearn1998 to 1999patohearn at
Hari Prakash Veladanda1999 to 1999hari_sb at

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