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The CMC mentioned above, was a California corporation whose full name was Communication Machinery Corporation. It was founded on February 5, 1981 by Larry Green, Dave Oster, Dale Taylor and (Steve?) Roberts. In late 1989 it was bought by Rockwell International, and did business under the name Rockwell Network Systems until Rockwell sold it to Osicom Technologies in early 1996. The last remnants disappeared on August 10th, 1998, when Osicom shut down the Internet Engineering Design Center and transferred the remaining business to their facility in Annapolis Junction, Maryland.

In June 2001, Larry Green incorporated a new company under the same name.

Alumni here:

Larry Green1981 to 1985(now at Santa Barbara Technology Group) larry at
Dale Taylor1982 to 1994(now at Self-Employed) dale at
Dave Oster1982 to 1994(now at Connected Systems) doster at
Steve Holmgren1982 to 1990(now at Software.Com / OpenWave)
Hampton Miller1983 to 1983(now at Self-Employed) Hampton.G at Miller.Org
Jeannie Bryant1983 to 1996(now at Moseley) ?jbryant at
Bill Wayne1984 to 1990
Deborah Anderson1985 to 1996(now at Software.Com / OpenWave) deb at
Roy Washburn1985 to 1996(now at Speech Technology Lab) roy at
Bruce Bergenfeld1986 to 1989(now at Intrinsix (Irvine Design Center)) bergenf at
Bob Miller1986 to 1997(now at Znyx) bobm at
Clare Nelson-Russ1986 to 1989(now at Self-Employed) nclare at
David Linscott1986 to 1988(now at StarFire) ?david at
Bob Altizer1987 to 1990(now at Self-Employed) bob.altizer at
Bob Marmorstein1987 to 1995(now at Moseley) bobm at
Bruce Bivans1987 to 1996(now at Self-Employed) bbivans at
Dave Wade-Stein1987 to 1988davewadestein at
Leonard Cuff1987 to 1991lcuff2 at
Russ Sharer1987 to 1992(now at Occam Networks) rsharer at
Doug Miller1988 to 1991(now at Communications Machinery Corporations) dmiller at
Elie Azar1988 to 1991eazman at
Julia Vollmer1988 to 1996
Linda Vaitkus1988 to 1990(now at National Semiconductor (Irvine)) lvmmv2003 at
Mark Galbraith1988 to 1993mark_galbraith at
Neil Cutcliffe1988 to 1990(now at Self-Employed) neil.cutcliffe at
Paul Hewitt1988 to 1995(now at Motion Engineering) paulh at
Steve Hornsby1988 to 1990(now at Connected Systems)
Tom Hance1988 to 1994(now at NetScreen) thance at
Bob Guilfoyle1989 to 1997(now at Znyx) bobg at
Carol Boyce1989 to 1996
Donna Seaman1989 to 1997
Jay Eaglstun1989 to 1996(now at Occam Networks) jeaglstun at
Ken Mueller1989 to 1996(now at Cisco (Santa Barbara)) kmueller at
Kristen Gerhard1989 to 1992(now at SAIC (San Diego))
Mike Schmidt1989 to 1996
Milt Roselinsky1989 to 1991
Rick Flott1989 to 1996(now at Polycom (Austin, TX)) rflott at
Robin Butterfield1989 to 1992(now at Digital Instruments / Veeco) ?rbutterfield at
Steve Wall1989 to 1997
Andrea LaValle1990 to 1997(now at Occam Networks) alavalle at
Bruce Bergenfeld1990 to 1993(now at Intrinsix (Irvine Design Center)) bergenf at
Daphne Page1990 to 1992(now at Occam Networks)
David Jonathan1990 to 1997(now at Znyx) david.jonathan at
John Maetta1990 to 1996
Kim Anderson1990 to 1997(now at Ericsson Remote Access Group)
Lars Poulsen1990 to 1996(now at AFAR Communications, Inc) lars at
Mary Cochrane1990 to 1997(now at Self-Employed) cochrane at
Pam Martin1990 to 1996(now at Condor Engineering) pmartin at
Rob Laskin1990 to 1997
Rob Palmer1990 to 1997(now at Hendry Telephone Products) ?rpalmer at
Jim Soriano1990 to 1993(now at Ectogenic) jsoriano at
Corey Anderson1991 to 1997(now at Motion Engineering) coreya at
Denise Tisdale1991 to 1997
James Fanning1991 to 1996(now at Indigo Systems) jfanning at
Mike Koponick1991 to 1995
Naomi Eskenazi1991 to 1995(now at Condor Engineering) naomie at
Carlos Osuna1992 to 1996(now at Motion Engineering) carloso at
Ellen Durham1992 to 1995(now at Sun Microsystems (Los Angeles)) ellen.durham at
George Wayne1992 to 1994
Joe Schomer1992 to 1994
John Schentrup1992 to 1996(now at Computer Motion )
Lee Anne Ayers1992 to 1997
Lisa Kenyon1992 to 1996(now at Karl Storz Imaging) lkenyon at
Mike McCammon1992 to 1996(now at Znyx) mccammon at
Steve Ricca1992 to 1997sricca at
Subhash Bal1992 to 1994
Tom Caldwell1992 to 1996(now at Cisco (San Jose)) tomcal at
Chris Vandenberg1993 to 1996(now at Microsoft Corporation)
Elie Azar1993 to 1995eazman at
George Nagy1993 to 1997(now at Fujant (Ilex)) gnagy at
Nick Whelan1993 to 1997(now at Self-Employed) nwhelan5 at
Paul Hegarty1993 to 1995(now at University of California (Santa Barbara)) hegarty at
Stephanie Marasciullo1993 to 1995(now at Occam Networks) smarasciullo at
Azita Kia1994 to 1996(now at Cisco (Santa Barbara)) akia at
Bates Marshall1994 to 1996
Bonnie Cook1994 to 1997
Deborah Cass1994 to 1997(now at Motion Engineering) deborahc at
Deborah Scott1994 to 1997(now at University of California (Santa Barbara)) Scott-D at
Greg Camacho1994 to 1996
Jake Krawzyk1994 to 1996(now at Case Corporation (Chicago)) maryjake at
Judy Fuess1994 to 1997(now at Motion Engineering) judyf at
Jon Blake1994 to 1996(now at Self-Employed) jblake at
Kevin Clougherty1994 to 1995
Larry Gerald1994 to 1997(now at MicroDisplay) lgerald2 at
Linda Vaitkus1994 to 1997(now at National Semiconductor (Irvine)) lvmmv2003 at
Marianne McCarthy1994 to 1997
Patrick MacDonald1994 to 1996(now at Occam Networks)
Paul Davis1994 to 1997
Randy Duncan1994 to 1997(now at Self-Employed) randuncan at
Tim Hayes1994 to 1997(now at Occam Networks) thayes at
Tom Hoffman1994 to 1997
Adam Parker1995 to 1997(now at NBS Design) aparker at
Andrew Krenz1995 to 1996(now at Aristos Logic) a.krenz at
Ashkan Namdaran1995 to 1998(now at Computer Motion ) anamdaran at
David Cline1995 to 1997(now at Motion Engineering) davidc at
Greg Garza1995 to 1996
Jacob Hsu1995 to 1997(now at Atcom/Info) jacobh at
Jeff Franckhauser1995 to 1997
Kurt Christian1995 to 1997(now at Illgen Simulations) kchristian at
Lionel Geretz1995 to 1996(now at Self-Employed) lionel at
Pepa Ojeda1995 to 1997(now at Spectron) pepa at
Roger Hine1995 to 1996
Sophia Ku1995 to 1996(now at Cisco (San Jose))
Stacy Shepherd1995 to 1996(now at Cisco (Santa Barbara)) sshep at
Dan Thomson1996 to 1997
Dennis Clark1996 to 1997(now at Znyx)
Michelle Kiser1996 to 1997(now at Apple Computer Corporation) kiser_michelle at
Angie Kyle (O'Hara)?? to ??angie at
Craig Arcuri?? to ??(now at NBS Design) carcuri at
Laura Griffin?? to ??kplusl at
Steve Kittelson?? to ??(now at Occam Networks) skittleson at

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